To a Bold New Spirit…

by | Dec 16, 2021

And here we are… days from 2022!

As the year draws to a close, my mind likes to enjoy a quick meander back across the months, trying to get a sense of things. How did 2021 compare to 2020? Have we found any fresh stability for the industry yet?

And, if I’m honest, I’m not sure! Personally, it was a busy year, full of fascinating projects and brilliant ideas. I certainly feel inspired for the future ahead. But I’ve also been firmly reminded that we mustn’t take anything for granted…

In November I travelled abroad – twice – for meetings that both had to cancel because of COVID with less than an hour to spare. So, if there’s anything to expect in 2022, it’s that our world of luxury hospitality must remain completely flexible and open. It’s going to be the hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants that can forge a culture of coping with change that are likely to be the most successful.

So, let’s embrace that notion with a bold spirit. Let’s remember that life is about movement, about adventure and about seeking out the challenges that fire up the imagination. Let’s screw our courage to a sticking-place and do our best to make 2022 sing out as the year it got better.

Thank you all for your enduring support of Luxury Hospitality Consulting. We love this work so much, and can only do it while you keep dreaming up new ways in which to look after people with sublime care. Here is to your health and wishing for a more predictable 2022!